Having joined the fabulous Maison de gravure at Castelnau-le- lez  on the outskirts of Montpellier I have just found out this week that I have been awarded a small residency.

This means that I can have access everyday for 3 weeks for long periods. I have been trying to carry on making work using it only for 3 hour periods every week and then supplementing it with whole days when I had a large print to do.
This has been so different from what I was used to in London at the Thames Barrier Print Studios where the facilities are truly amazing.

With very little I have learnt that I can achieve good prints – working in my garden with the acid, cleaning the plates with Soya sauce and a home made aquatint box. This will all stand me in good stead when I open the doors on my print studio that I want to set up.

The residency will last for Jan  and  Feb

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