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New best EVER chard recipe…

We are taking a trip to Marseille where the speciality is bouillabaisse – I hear it doesn’t come cheap- and why should it ?It must have at least 4 different types of fish , the stock needs saffron, the garnishes include Rouille – its a lot of work . I’ve heard talk of a bouillabaisse buger which I’d like to meet , but I also spotted this ” spinach bouillabaisse” in a Provencal cook book . It is an ideal supper dish for chard or spinach lovers on a meat and fish free night…


1 k chard

a couple of shallots or a leek or an onion, sliced or diced

waxy pots- peeled and cut into 5 mm rounds

500 ml chicken , veg stock or water

2 cloves garlic- crushed or fine chopped

a small pinch of saffron

a sprig of dill or fennel

olive oil

rustic bread

good eggs


attack the chard in the usual way, separating and dicing prime lengths of stalk , washing and shredding leaf.

Choose a casserole with a lid not too deep and set on medium heat with olive oil to cover the bottom . When hot add the stalks and onion and season with sea salt and pepper, sweat ,lid off for 10 – 15 minutes till tender adding a small cup of stock halfway through. Now add the leaf chard and stir round cook and wilt for another 5 minutes

Now add the sliced potatos,  the stock, so it barely covers the greens , the saffron ,sprigs of fennel or dill and the  garlic and season .Turn the heat down so its just simmering and cook loosely covered for 5 to 10 mins till the potato slices are tender. Carefully break an egg for each diner onto the veg – and put the lid back for 4 mins to cook to soft set. Serve at table direct from the pot

A slice of toasted sourdough rubbed with garlic and oil goes on each  plate then the soupy stew is spooned over

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