Gallerie Des Marches – Aubusson 16 April – May 9th

First time showing properly in France at the Gallery owned by the director Jerome in this tiny village in the heart of France. I had three days to install it and stayed with our great friends and inspiration Sue and Tom Neil in their Framhouse Pellevoisn, a beautiful old Farmhouse in a tiny hamlet in the Limousin where they have a small holding, sheep, chickens, amazing veg, Art, Felting and now Raspeberry growers.  Helped by Karen we installed the most complicated piece – with about 350 threads attached called All of Nature is trying to tell me something ( Below)  it was my first instillational drawing.  It was a great experience to have the whole wall space to myself and finally see 2 years work together.

_MG_2267 (1) _MG_2276_MG_2270The private view was not what I expected, there were so many people, artists writers, tapestery makers, interior designers and I managed to talk what I thought was sense in French ( although this was proably not the case ). Jerome worked hard and sold three large pieces. The weather was bad and yet people still came.

It was a success for me and I was even intervied by the local press La Montagne – so now I am truely intergrated in the French press…..I’m over excited.


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