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Our great friends Sam and Sophie have come to visit – we are inspired. sam has cooked up feasts every night and we are inspired . He has raised the bar and the family are pushing me on to cook on up to new heights.
The mulberries have arrived – they are super food and free!
Jean used to make raspberry vinegar , thick sweet and sour . She would use it for a vinaigrette with bitter garden leaves and fresh goats cheese and drizzled on vanilla ice cream.
We took 500 g of Mulbs and crushed them with a potato masher in a stainless steel basin and poured over 500ml of good white wine vinegar .Cover with a cloth and leave in a cool place for 2/3 days stirring everyday.
Then tip the contents into sieve or colander lined with muslin – cheese cloth- and leave to strain for half a day with the cloth folded over the fruit and a weight on top .
put the collected juice into a stainless steel pan and add 80g of sugar , bring to boil and cook for 10 minutes. Bottle hot in sterilised bottles and seal well
the vinegars first outing was to glaze a pan of chicken livers – delicious.

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