chicken liver and figs

Its late September and the figs keep coming .I have one favourite tree just outside the borders of Tugudu land . It is south facing and it has its roots in the stream where Nora likes to take dip .

Ingredients for a portion …..

3 or 4 of the most wholesome chicken livers you can find.
A heaped tablespoon of plain flour seasoned with….
good pinch of ground allspice, nutmeg, fennel seed , black pepper and salt
2 cut in half figs depending on size
duck fat
a slice or 2 of substantial baguette or sour dough
A tablespoon of Port or Calvados or Grandmarnier
Robust salad leaves like endive
A shot of red wine vinaigrette – with walnut oil if you like
a few toasted walnuts

tidy up the livers removing any sinuous threads , green bits or bile –
leave in nice fat lobes- cover with cold milk and leave for a few hours in the fridge-this will make their flavour even more mellow

Drain , dry well – dip in the seasoned flour .
choose your best heaviest skillet or saute pan .Heat a little nugget of the duck fat in it over a medium heat and then toast that bread in the fat seasoning with a little salt. Turn and check it regularly . Go gently and evenly till you get a golden crust . Set aside to keep warm
Wipe any bread crumbs out of the pan and return to the heat with a tbs of duck fat . The pan needs to be hot but not smoking. Dust of any excess seasoning flour and cook the livers for 2 minutes each side and then transfer to a warm plate for 4 -5 mins to rest.
Now put  the figs in the pan for a minute or 2  cut side down to caramelise a little and warm through , deglaze with the booze and scrape up the juices with a wooden spatula.

You’re good to go …. leaves with a little vinaigrette, livers on the toast , figs nestled in  there and walnuts if you have them

Bon apetit


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