The cuve of 2017 Grenache is continuing to bring huge smiles. We took a couple of bottles to the Quilles De Joie and some of the hero vigneron tasted ( Ludovic Anglevin grins ) – Mme Pfifferling (Mrs L’anglore) reckons it needs 2 winters of maturing to emerge with the structure , fruit and acidity of a Jura!!!! Our friend and importer friend Alex from Under The Bonnet is “√©merveill√© ” whips out his camera to shoot ferg in front of the Cuve and bursts into uncontrollable clatter of laughter when he tastes.
we are hugely grateful for all that we have learnt .None of this would be possible without the help and mentoring of Thierry Forestier. Dinner last with Thierry and Marie-Noel ….we took a jar of the our marmelade – and ate a delicious pot roast duckling √† l’orange with the one we gave them last year! Nice when things have that circular feeling



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