A bird escapes follow it

One thing i thought i was going to find difficult was selling our house. Over the past year i have often dreamt of it – It seemed at times to contain my whole life and anchor to what and who i was. Strangely what you dread is often easy, having gone through all the emotions beforehand i felt detached and just thought how it simply wasn’t worth staying for. London

Our first vendange

  On the 6th of September we picked the cinsault . We were up at 7 with our dear friends Ben and Becca -the cool dawn, quiet,the first 50 kilos of fruit ,just us and the vines. Thanks to our amazing Patronne a gang of volunteers showed up to help pick . The kids enjoyed buzzing to and from the vines in the van with sides open and giving out

The cinsault and the syrah

6th september 2015 Cinsault is a red grape often used in the Languedoc to make Rose- it reaches maturity with a low potential alchohol ,has a thin skin, gives little colour and is full of red fruit aromas. The parcel of cinsault here is up on the ridge behind the Mas .There is a fine view of the Mediteranean and a good breeze . The soil is not rich, full

One Cep Beyond

  We have been trying to pick mushrooms for the last month – everytime seeing people coming back to their cars carrying baskets – were not sure they contain mushrooms but theres an air of secrecy as they open the boot ……… Our lovely neighbour Joris, part fireman, part tree surgeon and part Rasta arrived with his stash. We had a communal cookin for the afternoon. Here are some of

Rosé tinted glasses

Here we are sitting and playing cards in the kitchen – its 11.30 at night , the fan blasting at our feet to keep cool while a thunder and lighting rage outside. Day time its 30 degrees / night is hot and humid. This is normal . The weather doesn’t behave. We are in limbo. At the mercy of friendships and the elements, the frustration is mounting but the weather